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I'm finally disenchanted again, so a typical presidential election.

For weeks I have not written much here on Obama as I have waited to see how this Jeremiah Wright episode played out. Unlike many people, as a minister I have a very different perspective (though it is shared with many ministers -- witness the SIX pieces on this story in the last Christian Century).

I have been upset at Obama not because of things said by Rev. Wright but because of Obama's distancing himself from Rev. Wright. When the story first broke, I wrote the Obama campaign to indicate my disappointment.

Today was the final straw.

I will vote for the Democratic candidate, whoever is nominated. But it will not be with passion.

Today Obama removed for me the one thing I really hoped was different about him. Now I know that just like Sen. Clinton, he will do anything to become president. He will not be a transformative political figure as I had hoped. If they are the same in that regard and we are only to have more of the same that we are used to, then I'd rather have her experience.

At least that's how I feel right now.


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When everyone was racing around, about two months ago, singing Obama's praises and the Obama-mania was in full effect, I was returning a warning, in kind. I said: "Just wait. This game spits everyone out the same way. We'll find out just how far that audacity of hope stuff gets when the election comes to blows."

I am more and more disenfranchised in choosing the executive Branch than I have ever been. I don't know if it's age or the wear of this current, inept administration or what. I just don't see how any one of these jokers is going to "bring respectability back to the Office of the President." It's not that it's an unworthy endeavour. It's that I believe it's futile to think that one person will change Washington.


Snap out of it Scott. I'm having mixed feelings about the Reverend Wright issue as well. I like Wright. I've enjoyed many of the controversial sermons in their entirety. I liked seeing him on Bill Moyer's show this past weekend. It was thought provoking and insightful. I was also disappointed that Obama would denounce Wright further. Then I saw some clips from his appearance in Detroit and read the transcript from the Washington Press Club Q&A and know why Obama had to do and say what he did. If you watch Obama's address on the subject, you will see how pained he was. He has to play a balancing act. You can't reform the office from the outside. He is and will be a transformative figure. He has changed the way the race is run. He has changed the way the race is funded. He has changed the landscape of the Democratic Party. He is obviously not impervious to the poking and prodding that occurs in the world of 24/7 news.



I could not disagree more. Obama has to distance himself from Wright by in large because Americans are stupid. I think the media has made too much of Wright and I think Obama's response was completely necessary if he is to be a viable candidate. It seemed genuine and well thought out.

Nobody could be more oportunistic than Hillary. She is the anti-Obama doing everything possible (including Rove scare tactics) to get to the White House.

I am disappointed that Obama capitulated with Wright. But I have been disappoited with politicians before and will be again. He is that last best hope for tranformation in America.

I will have a very hard time voting for anyone but him in Nov.


Today he either gave evidence that he does not understand and thereby cannot be transformative. Or that he is willing to compromise his core beliefs for political gain, and thereby cannot be transformative.


Scott, I disagree with your idea that he did the wrong thing. Whatever his motivation, he was forced to do it by Rev. Wright. The Rev. took the spotlight to spread his rhetoric and his rhetoric is not exactly helpful for healing this country right now. While his message might be heartfelt he is not helping this divided nation come together.

I know that if you, as a minister, had such a spotlight on you, you would certainly keep that in mind while spreading your message. I know you are thoughtful and mindful of our nation and what is necessary to bring about healing. In that situation you would NOT act the Rev. Wright has and that is what Obama needed to distance himself from.

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