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A Brilliant Speech

DNC: Tuesday, so far

Tonight is even more unremarkable than last night.  Hillary has not yet spoken, but everything since 7 p.m. has been exceedingly boring with no clear thematic flow, poor stagecraft, and many missed opportunities.

I would have structured the convention this way:

Monday night would have been focused on critique -- where Democrats left the country and how poorly it has done under Bush.  Bill Clinton would have been the featured speaker.  I would have used that big tv screen to show charts and graphs of how the country has declined (ala Ross Perot's charts).  I would have also showed lots of videos of normal Americans and their problems, with lots of Katrina footage.  Some of tonight's speakers, like Lilly Ledbetter and the mill worker from North Carolina could have been featured.  I would have also used Bill Richardson to talk about foreign policy and Wesley Clark to talk about the military.  Maybe even Jimmy Carter, who has won the Nobel prize.

Tuesday night would have focused on the Democratic party and how it is working hard for the country.  I would have featured Nancy Pelosi and some Congressional leadership.  I would have used lots of the young, energetic governors and mayors to show the future of the party.  You could have used the women like Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius, but to talk about very specific things they've done in their states.  Hillary Clinton would have rounded out the night, focusing on health care.

Wednesday would be focused on getting to know the candidates.  It is the night that I would have had Michelle Obama speak, and Joe Biden of course.

Thursday would have emphasized the dream for the future and calling America to its best days, with everything leading up to Obama.  Make it about mobilizing the people.  Brian Schweitzer would have been a good person that night (He just did an electrifying job, the first really fun speech tonight).  With emphasis on the practical solutions that will move the country forward to that dream, including drawing on people outside the political sphere -- business leaders (Bill Gates would have been good), philanthropists, scientists, ministers, writers, and artists -- all to draw the picture of who the country is and can be.


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