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Pride and Pain

Not a new Jane Austen novel, but my last week.

Last Tuesday I headed to Dallas for meetings on Wednesday.  When I got to Jason's house Tuesday evening, my back was really sore from sitting through the afternoon and my left hip was tender.  Overnight my hip was so painful I had great difficulty sleeping. 

My meetings at the cathedral on Wednesday went very well.  On Thursday I worked on the church newsletter, our stewardship campaign, and spent the afternoon with Jo Ferguson.

By Thursday evening the pain was increasing.

Friday I spent the day at Royal Lane, having breakfast with Lonnie and lunch with Harry and Kevin Sinclair.  By the time Michael and a big group of our friends arrived on Friday evening, I was in incredible pain and my left side was slightly swollen.  Michael got angry at me and insisted that we go to the ER either Friday night or Saturday morning.  I wanted to go out on Friday night, so we went to the ER on Saturday morning.

They ran a bunch of tests, but couldn't find anything.  They concluded that it was probably a pinched nerve and sent me home with prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and a painkiller.

The rest of Saturday we shopped, then went swimming at Saul and Todd's hotel.  That was followed by dinner, Bud Jones' birthday party, and then a night of dancing at S4.  The whole weekend we ran into numerous other OKC friends who were all in town for Dallas Pride.

Sunday morning, Michael, Danny Hites, and I left early so I could get back home in time for our church council meeting at 3:15.  I slept most of the way, doped up on my medicine.

We had a great evening at church.  Leslie Penrose was preaching, which was providential, since I was in no state to.  Leslie coordinates the UCC's partnership with ministries in Nicaragua.  She preached a great sermon.

Last night Michael and I finished season 3 of Six Feet Under.  I was start to feel a little sickly.  My body felt the way it does when it is combatting poison ivy.  I had first noticed some red bumps on Saturday night, but had more last night and many more this morning. 

Since the pain had started, I wondered if it was shingles.  I had been around two friends with shingles last week.  Today I'm pretty confident that that is what I have.  I can't get in to see my physician until Wednesday (he's still in Dallas today). 

I slept a lot this morning and have been lying here on the couch most of the day. 


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Are you kidding? I am currently on week 3 of a shingles battle. It sounds like yours might be worse, but this is the most frustrating pain I've ever felt. If that's what it is, I'm sorry but the good news is that it does get better!


I do have shingles.

And even more medicine.

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