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A Weekend in Full

It was a truly beautiful thing.

Among the most beautiful of things in which it has been my privilege to participate.

I'm talking about Friday evenings counter-protest to members of the Westboro Baptist Church who were protesting a production of The Laramie Project at Oklahoma City University.  When the first few of us showed up, the student organizers were quite excited that people were showing up.  All told some of us estimated that almost 1,000 people appeared on our side throughout the couple of hours we were there.  There were around 8 on the other side. 

Elderly people.  Young families with children.  Numerous college students.  A random assortment of people who stopped to join in.  People in Halloween costumes.  Drag queens.  Suited university administrators.  Bikers.  People bundled up in sweaters and coats. 

And the mood was joy, as we stood talking quietly, occassionally cheering someone joining the group or the honks of cars passing by.

We returned home for a lovely meal cooked by Michael, with Danny Hites as our guest.

Saturday Mom came over and we left here around 10 and drove to Tulsa to go shopping and have lunch at Utica Square.  It was a perfect day in the mid-70s.  I did some Christmas shopping.  We then drove to Owasso in the afternoon, where I preached at the new UCC church start there.  It was a congregation of twelve people, but we had a great time and a lovely meal afterwards.  I preached a sermon entitled "To Change the World," which I will post soon.

When we returned home, we went over to Bill Wade's for a little gathering around his fire pit, drinking spirits, and roasting marshmallows.  A perfect way to spend an autumn Saturday night.

We had Sunday's Big Gay Brunch at Tom & Jerry's with members of the Alliance.  Bratcher was in fine form.  Jake was recovering from his drinking the night before.  Jon was organizer.

I spent the afternoon working on stuff for church.  This was our Annual Congregational Meeting, and we had decided to do it differently this year.  We combined our Sunday evening worship with the congregational meeting and a chili supper and held the event in the Fellowship Hall.

We began with dinner and transition with a video that Tammy Pinkston and I put together looking back at the church year.  I had not seen the final video, but loved it and have watched it a couple of times since. 

Worship began with a surprise announcement that an anonymous donor has pledged $5,000 if that amount can be matched over the next three weeks. 

During the meeting portion of the evening, Peter Keltch, the church treasurer, delivered an emotional speech on the church's financial situation and a call for more to pledge and for more to increase their giving. 

The evening wrapped with prizes for the best chili.  Beth Sterling won and received a crown and sash that she'll be required to wear next year in order to hand off to a new winner.


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