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The Dave Matthews Band

DMB is associated with the graduate school/Shawnee/turn of the century period of my life.  Sorta in two installments.

The first is the couple of years in the house on Dorothy, when I was living with roommates.  During lonely periods I would listen to Crash quite a bit and wallow.

The second installment is a few years later with the youth of FBC Shawnee, who were so influential on my life.  Many of them, particularly Matt Little, were big fans and discussions of DMB were often had when we were together.

With Busted Stuff I ceased being really interested in them.  They should have released the Lilywhite sessions as an album.  But that's old news.

Now it seems kinda funny to have ever been so into them, though I still think Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash hold up over time, or at least some of the songs.  Listening to all these albums in a row is getting kinda mind-numbing.  I'm looking forward to listening to something different soon.


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