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John Updike

What are you doing during the ice storm?

I've done a variety of things.  We've cooked some good meals, having the time to really work on some things.  I also got the usual three days worth of work done in only a day and a half, which has left me plenty of time to read.  I've been waiting for a winter storm to curl up and read The Golden Compass, which I've been doing. 

I've also watched bad tv. There is the usual making fun of the local weather people.  This season I've been watching the Bachelor for the first time ever.  The previews of Jason as single dad (hot, single dad) intrigued me and so I'm hooked, on a show that previously I couldn't have care less about.  Last night was filled with drama, as Nikki, my favourite before last night's episode and her meltdown, left.

This was followed by True Beauty, which I've also been watching.  A cool concept; poor in execution.  Last night I actually sent a complaint to ABC for what I thought was racist content on the show.  Michael and I won't be watching it anymore.

Today I chatted with family and hear about my uncle's partners wreck yesterday in which her car flipped.  Then, the ambulance she was in became part of a pile up and was hit 5-6 times.  She ended up not be admitted to the hospital, making it through all that physically okay, but terrified.

When I heard that John Updike had died, I went and pulled out all his books on my shelf, as an homage.  Michael snickered at that.  I told him that he was lucky to find me, I'm a diamond in the rough. :)

And tonight I read that scholars now think Goya didn't paint The Colossus.


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