Romans 1:18-32
Paul and God's Wrath

Breyer's Natural Vanilla Bean

I had it twice yesterday on my birthday!  I had decided to buy some yesterday, despite how much it might cost, and was excited that it was on sale.  I don't keep ice cream in the house much, and rarely Breyer's because it is so expensive.

It was like that growing up.  Mom never bought it because it was too expensive.  But my grandparents, the Nixons, they always had it.  I can imagine the conversation as Pappoo would have suggested getting something less expensive and Mammoo would have given him a look and said she had been poor, worked hard in life, and now she was going to enjoy expensive ice cream. 

So, whenever I was at their house, I would eat as much as I could.


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Glad you got the ice cream you like... happy birthday.

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