20 voted against my prayer
Article in the Oklahoman

Yesterday's Really Good News

Angela Monson was elected school board chair, with almost 60% of the votes, soundly defeating Kirk Humphreys.

I am happy, not just because Monson is chair, which is a good thing,
not just because Humphreys isn't, which is a great thing,
but because I think this signals the end of his political career, because if a former mayor who is the incumbent in the seat cannot win a school board election, then I can't imagine that political donors are going to rally to any future attempt of his to run for a higher office.


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She was fabulous in the Legislature and has a huge base. I used to see her at my daughter's gymnastics class. She was so nice and approachable. If you didn't know she was an elected official, you would have never known it. So unassuming, kind and clearly SMART.

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