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Oklahoman Blog Poses Questions for Local Weathermen

Read the full post here.  These are the questions:

1. Are you the final word on forecasts at your station? Is there anyone in a position to second guess your forecast or call it into question?

2. Do you believe your judgment is better than that of the National Weather Service? If so, why?

3. When you are about to broadcast a forecast that is dramatically different than that of the National Weather Service and other stations (as with Friday’s call for a “significant icing event” and power outages in Oklahoma City), do you put a call out to the National Weather Service to ask why they’re not making the same call?

4. Should television weather forecasters be in contact with the National Weather Service when their forecasts are at odds?

5. Is there pressure by producers or station management to add drama or excitement to your forecasts?

6. How aware are you of the loss that is sustained by businesses by bad forecasts?


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