White House State Dinner
Nathaniel Frank exposes the intellectual bankruptcy of the Manhattan Declaration

Friendship Dinner of the Institute for Interfaith Dialogue

Michael and I attended a wonderful dinner tonight sponsored by the Institute for Interfaith Dialogue and held at Oklahoma City University. 

There was quite an eclectic crowd.  There were sixty elected officials from the local, state, and federal levels and everything from liberal activists to right wing nuts (you know who you are).  Robert Henry, Chief Judge of the 10th Circuit Court was the keynote speaker.  The Secretary of State, Susan Savage, was the emcee.  Also in attendance were Attorney General Drew Edmondson, State Treasurer Scott Meacham, former mayor Ron Norick, multiple Senators and Representatives, three University presidents, and many academic, faith, business, and community leaders.  It was quite the social event.

Judge Henry spoke on democracy and the importance of a society of laws and values, not just majority rule.  He spoke of the people's wisdom, not their will, being the essence of the law.  I wish I had a copy of his speech, or could link to it for you.  He is intelligent, eloquent, and witty; always a great speaker.

That can't be said for all of the other folk who spoke.  One legislator said he needed a dictionary to understand all of Judge Henry's words.  Some droned on.  Some expounds a series of cliches.  But these did not detract from the evening, as that is what one expects at these sorts of events.  Judge Henry just knocked it out of the park.

I was very encouraged listening to him speak about, among other things, not subjecting liberty to the will of the majority.  The tenth circuit will soon hear a marriage equality case.


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