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Reading Ebert's best of the year lists I realized how pitiful is the state of film in Oklahoma.  I've always known that and have missed living in a city where people went to see all sorts of films and you could stand in line waiting for a foreign film at a matinee (all this happened in Dallas). 

The reason his list hit me so was that he had one list of small independent films and one of mainstream films.  Not only did probably NONE of the independent films play in OKC, most of the mainstream films have not played here, or, if they did, had only really limited runs that you missed because they are advertised in anyway and are rarely linked with actual release dates.


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City Arts is working on getting more independent films here. We should have 4-5 film nights next year so look for those announcements.

John K.

This in no way affects your comments, with which I totally agree, but I will note that I saw "Everlasting Moments" at the Museum of Art -- so at least one of the independent films did show here.

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