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Pool table craigslist ad

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The pool table is a "Custom Original" by Delta Billiard Manufacturing Company. It features a single piece of slate, so the playing surface is perfectly smooth. It's approximately 30 years old and has some normal wear -- scratches, etc., and the bumpers will need restoring in the near future. It will complete your family or game room!

The pool table comes with a FREE ping pong table top and accessories! It's two pieces of game equipment in one! All for only $350!

Pool table accessories:
- 1 Full Set of Balls
- 1 Ball Rack
- 7 Pool Cues
- 1 Bridge
- 4 Replacement Cue Tips and Repair Kit
- 10 Cubes of Cue Chalk
- 1 Wall-mounted Cue Rack with storage and scorekeeper
- 1 Brush

Includes Ping Pong Table top and accessories:
- 1 Net with mounting brackets
- 3 Balls
- 4 Paddles


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never got to play on the table but it made a great buffet table when needed. It's in good condition for it's age and issues. I would refurbish/replace the rails asap and have a new felt put on it as well.

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