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Trespasses, Debts, or Sins?

These words are all used alternatively in the Lord's Prayer in the petition for forgiveness.  There are historical and linguistic reasons for the use of each word.  But what are the nuances of meaning each brings to the prayer and what might the petition really be seeking from God? 

We'll focus on this Sunday during our worship at First Central.  My sermon is entitled "A World Transformed."

Sassoon on beauty

This poem struck me with its power and beauty -- beauty itself is one of its themes.

When life was a cobweb of stars for Beauty who came
  In the whisper of leaves or a bird's lone cry in the glen,
On dawn-lit hills and horizons girdled with flame
  I sought for the triumph that troubles the faces of men.

With death in the terrible flickering gloom of the fight
  I was cruel and fierce with despair; I was naked and bound;
I was stricken: and Beauty returned through the shambles of night;
  In the faces of men she returned; and their triumph I found.

Dish rack

Before we moved, I convinced Michael that we should get rid of our dish rack and purchase a new one.  The previous one I had purchased in 1998; it had some wear and looked a little worn.  Seemed a good time to throw it out and start new.

Except that I dislike every dish rack I have seen in every store we have entered (and even the dozen or so Michael looked up on-line).  Basically, I found absolutely every one of them to be dysfunctional and wonder why consumers would settle for such crap.

My previous rack was a simple W shape.  The outsides of the W formed tabs for holding cups and glasses.  Plates would fit easily in the middle of the W or in one of the valleys.  You could put a dinners worth of plates in one valley, a couple of pots or pans in the other one, and all your glasses along the outer edges.  The rack could even hold the cutting board, as it would fit across the entire breadth of the rack.

Most racks have edges along the top -- so no where to slide the cutting board in.  Many have no out edge for cups, or only limited capacity.  And they do not have deep V's in which you can insert plates easily.

The previous rack was the simplest of designs and worked perfectly.  Why these elaborate, unworkable designs?  Does someone know where I can get a dish rack which was actually designed by someone who has washed dishes sometime in their life?

I wish we had kept the old one!!!!