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Target & the HRC Equality Index

Queerty explores whether Target just proved that the HRC Equality Index is worthless as buying guide.


I have not joined the Target boycott.  I'm still thinking about it.  Am I to then shop at Wal-Mart, which has a worse record and all sorts of other things that bother me (but I still shop there on occassion)?  Target has much that I do value, including good policies for how they treat LGBT employees. 

In a world of sin every institution participates in evil.  We all do.  There is no way to exempt ourselves from it.  That is why we stand in need of grace. 

I've joined plenty of boycotts, especially when the act is egregious and I am free to make other choices.  But sometimes we aren't free.  And Christian theology teaches us that.


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Plato Nista

A demand for perfect purity in these things can also be offputting to people who are otherwise caring and willing to try. As you say, we all participate to some extent, so I think what's important is the continuing effort to do our best, supporting businesses that operate in keeping with our ethical standards. I'm less concerned about where I make a few purchases, though, than where I spend bigger sums or make investments. In terms of the time spent for impact, I feel those are areas most deserving of my attention.

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