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The Sustainable Defense Task Forcehas recommended cutting close to $1 trillion from Defense spending in the next decade.  Of note is how many conservatives were on the task force.   Thanks to Rudy for the link.

One very interesting section is on changing our strategy with regard to nuclear weapons.

Strategic capabilities

Our options in this area would save nearly $195 billion

during the next decade. The United States should

act now to accelerate the drawdown of nuclear weapons

to a level of 1,000 warheads deployed on seven

Ohio-class submarines and 160 Minuteman missiles.

This is more than enough to ensure deterrence. Shifting

to a nuclear “dyad” of land- and sea-based missiles

would provide an optimal balance between efficiency

and flexibility.

Missile defense efforts should be curtailed to focus

on those systems and those missions most likely to

succeed and provide real protection for our troops in

the field. And we should roll back nuclear weapons

research and limit efforts to modernize the weapon

infrastructure. This best accords with a reduced

emphasis on nuclear weapons, the smaller arsenal, and

the general trend of arms control efforts.

Then there is this statement on counterinsurgency and terrorism:

This option views future conduct of protracted, largescale

counterinsurgency campaigns by the United States

as strategically unwise and largely avoidable. Certainly,

there are better, more cost-effective ways to fight




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