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Favourite Places to Eat a Taco

My Absolute Favourite Place to Eat a Taco

Big Truck Tacos in Oklahoma City.  BTT opened last year and was an immediate hit.  I was so glad it was in our neighborhood, because we could go often, including walking down there after the Christmas blizzard.  These tacos are creative, innovative, fresh, and flavorful.  Michael swears by the Okie Baha, and I usually get one of those too.  There various sauces and salsa are superb.  And you simply can't beat the guacamole.  Be prepared to stand in line.  And don't forget your cup, as bringing your cup back gets you some cents off the price of another drink.  They serve a marvelous breakfast as well.

Honorable Mention

Iguana Mexican Grill also in Oklahoma City.  Iguana was the big hit until BTT opened.  It is still great for a meal, especially when they had Taco Tuesday.  They have different sides, good drinks, and a fun, hip atmosphere.  If you aren't stuffed, stop by Sara, Sara Cupcakes next door for dessert.

Cuba Libre in Dallas.  Also a fun, hip atmosphere with fun flavors and ingredients.  This was one of my favourite places to eat in Dallas (my going-away party was there) and take OKC friends there when visiting.  I forget now what my favourites were.

Taco Diner, also in Dallas, is a nice chain of more upscale tacos.  This was the first place I had the very simple tacos with just meat, cilantro, and lime juice.


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