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Reality is Broken: Epic Wins

Finally, after Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Honeymoon, and Recovery, getting back to reading.  In particular, Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal.  I wish I had finished this quickly back in the winter when I was really animated about it, but other things occupied my time.  I shouldn't have tried to take it one chapter a day and then blog about it, but simply read it through.

Chapter twelve: Missions Impossible excited me again.  This one was about epic wins and how we need to create opportunities for people to have them in real life -- "What the world needs now are more epic wins: opportunities for ordinary people to do extraordinary things."  So, as we engage the Easter season in worship and our theme of "You Will Receive Power," this resonates.

Oooohhhhh!  I really liked this phrase she uses on page 248 and will likely steal it, maybe for a sermon title sometime -- "wracked with awe."  It sounds like something out of a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem.

Some characteristics of epic wins:

  • We discover we have abilities that we didn't know we had
  • We set a new precedent for the best case scenario
  • We get better and do more.
  • "Our possibility space expands."
  • We create "sustainable economies of engagement."

As we attempt to "match members to ministry," surely these are the sorts of ideas that can help to guide us.  Not just placing people on committees and boards, but finding ways that they can maximize their skills and expand their possibilities within the service and ministry of the reign of God.


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