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A sad milestone

Today the Typepad stats showed that my average daily page views has dropped below 100.  This is a first since the very earliest days of this blog in 2004 (though pretty quickly it rose above that, back when a lot of google searches sent people to my blog due to my first post "A Former Republican Against Bush"). 

For over a year the average really has been less than 100, but the early days when there was quite a regular audience ("blogging was so 2004")  or the days when I was coming out publicly in 2005 and hit over 1,000 readers a day, kept the daily average aloft.  Occassionally in the last year I've hit over 200 views in a day, but only when I've linked to something from my Facebook.  I get happy when I get 120 or 150.

Of course I've have chances to promote the blog and increase its readership.  I could have listed the url in my Oklahoma Gazette by-line, as many other writers did.  Or I could promote it to congregants, which I've never really done.  Partly this was because after the early days of blogging and some mistakes I made, I've generally enjoyed it not having an incredibly wide readership and, instead, remaining a place where I can generally say what I want in a small circle of friends and regular readers.  Of course Facebook seriously cut into blog readership.

I do get envious sometimes when I see the readership and continuing commenting and conversation (which used to happen here) on Greg Horton's blog, for instance.  I think my writing should spur the kind of conversation that his does.  Of course in 2004 there was a whole blog circle of us where the conversations spread over each other's posts -- then we became friends in real life.

In the late Aughts I occassionally toyed with closing this down, but handfuls of you encouraged me not to.  Plus, I still have fun with it, and believe it has given me a place to refine my writing.  I still think these things.

So, MyQuest continues now in its eighth year and will keep on as long as it remains fun.


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I think I speak for most of your regular readers when I say that I really hope you keep blogging. Your comments and insights would be sorely missed if you shut down MyQuest.


I agree with Travis.

Deb Kirwan

Keep it up, Scott. I'm one of your newer readers who would miss it.

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