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First On-line Zara Purchase Arrives

I reported a few weeks back that our favourite Italian department store, Zara, is now selling on-line in the United States.  Not too much time went by before I ordered something.  It arrived today, and I was excited to open it.

Zara 003

Simple nice box.  Cool to see the logo that we enjoyed in Italy.

Zara 004

For cardboard, this looks mildly sophisticated.

Zara 005

Zara 006

Zara 007


For probably a year I've been looking for some casual black shoes and could find nothing I liked.  Of course Zara had a great shoe.


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Ahhhh... Zara! I look forward to seeing you take these shoes on a, hmmmm, what? Test "walk"? Perhaps leaping and bounding over fences, high sidewalks or small pooches. Or perhaps just looking fabulous.


Zara is a Spanish brand! It's also a brand, not a department store.. So unfortunately to say, your shoes are not made in Italy, but in Elche (Alicante) in the best case..

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