3rd Day of Christmas
Religious war in Africa?

4th Day of Christmas

We went on an adventure, Jacob and I.  "Why are we going on an adventure?"  "Because it is fun, and you get to do new things."

Our adventure was to leave the nice, safe trail where Mummum and Michael were, scamper down a retaining wall, and walk across the rocky beach to the water to throw rocks.  We also climbed and walked on fallen tree trunks.  There was lots of giggling.

Christmas 2011 078

On the fourth day of Christmas, we had driven from Michael's parents to mine for a couple of days.  They were also hosting my nephew Jacob.  The day was spent playing with Jacob and answering his questions.

He is in question mode.  Why do worms live in the dirt?  Why does the earth move around the sun?  Who created God?  Etc., etc.  It was fun.  I love answering questions like this -- I asked them as a kid.  Some people get pestered or exhausted by the questions, I don't.  Always answer honestly and as fully as one is capable of answering.  Don't dumb it down or give silly answers, but try to communicate in concepts that the child can understand.  Everyone kept saying, "Save those questions for Uncle Scotty."

I did tell him to keep asking lots of questions.  He asked why.  I said because it shows he's curious and wants to know about the world and wants to be smart.  I said to keep asking questions, even though some people will find it annoying.

Christmas 2011 094

Over the course of the couple of days together I decided that I should write a children's book based on our conversations over the weekend.  That then sent me to thinking about a bunch of different children's books I could write.

Christmas 2011 086

It was warm enough to grill steaks outside for dinner.  We spent a lot of time out on the deck, which is unusual for Christmas.  After dinner we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  I was disappointed to learn that the Playport Resort, which used to have a magnificent Christmas light display, doesn't anymore.

Christmas 2011 095


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