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The Sin of Hiding

Winter's Bone

Sunday afternoon I watched Winter's Bone, and it exceeded all my already high expectations.

A powerful story, with mesmerizing characters, filled with suspense and dread, you are pulled into this world and fully captivated by it.  The writing, acting, directing, cinematography are all superb.  

It is a little old, so you've probably seen it, but if you haven't, you should.  It is the story of a 17-year-old girl in the Ozarks who is taking care of her family when the law informs her that her father had posted the house as bond and if he doesn't show for court, they will lose the house.  She then goes looking for him among the hill people to whom she is related, but who are private, violent people who don't like questions or the law.

I was struck immediately by the feeling that this was a real place and that these people were real, and that I grew up not far from people like this.  After watching the film my childhood accent emerged more strongly for the rest of the day -- something which always makes Michael laugh and mock me.

4 1/2 film reels
4 1/2 popcorn kernels 


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jobs in writing

Is this movie will have good director?

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