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Posterior Analytics/TopicaPosterior Analytics/Topica by Aristotle
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One bit of evidence that I'm a geek: I get excited that I can read Aristotle.

Back in grad school I really liked the Posterior Analytics and wanted to re-read it as part of my reading back through elements of the philosophical canon. This time I wasn't as engaged by it, presumably because it does not align as closely with my current interests as it did in grad school in the nineties. The closing pages, which discuss the limitations of scientific knowledge, are the best.

While reading, I was reminded powerfully of how different philosophical reasoning and debate is from the way most debate now occurs in our wider culture. In philosophy you must present an argument for your idea and then others look for and point out the weak points in the argument, compelling you to strengthen or abandon it.

I think one reason I get so easily annoyed with some people and their views is that there is a correct way to argue and there are things that are true and right. We may have a constitutional right to believe whatever, but we do not have a logical, rational "right" to.

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