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Why to not vote for Obama

A post on argues why one should not vote for Obama.  That is his record of transgressing human rights in the first term is unacceptable.  

I must say that I share many of these objections.  I wish there was a serious alternative.  But I do not think that there is.  I'm fully aware of voting for the lesser of two evils, understanding the meaning of that phrase.  That the continuation of these policies under an Obama administration is in fact evil.

Since 2002 I have been appalled at this nation's war policies and its response to 9/11/2001.  I was then a Republican and began to vote against the war policy.  My first act, of which I was quite proud, was to vote straight-ticket Democrat in 2002 (while still a registered Republican).  Over the ensuing years, I wrote and spoke often against the Bush administration and its policies.  I was, like many, very depressed when he won re-election in 2004, but hoped that we could marshall a new governing majority that included disaffected Republicans, like myself, and win back our country.  I was encouraged by the Democrat victory in 2006 and the dismissal of Donald Rumsfeld the next day.  I was further encouraged by the campaign of Barack Obama.  It seemed maybe we would break through.

We did not.  And, frankly, despite still being critical of Obama, I have not been as critical of him, as I was critical of Bush.  I have grown more cynical (never before one of my sins) and resigned.  

We are caught is a structure of sin that will not be defeated by an election.  The author of the post is naive (as I once was) to think so.  We need a fundamental revolution in this country.  Awaiting that, I must vote for the candidate that advances other causes I care about.


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