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You Are God

Here are two most interesting and enjoyable paragraphs from Cicero's The Dream of Scipio:

Instead [of the praise of men] let Virtue herself, by her own unaided allurements, summon you to a glory that is genuine and real.  Feel no concern about what other people may say about you.  They will say it in any case.  Besides, whatever words they may choose to utter will not pass beyond the narrow limits you now see below you.  No utterance of man about his fellowmen has ever been lasting.  When a person dies his words die with him.  Posterity forgets them; and they pass into annihilation.


Strive on, and rest assured that it is only your body that is mortal; your true self is nothing of the kind.  For the man you outwardly appear to be is not yourself at all.  Your real self is not that corporeal, palpable shape, but the spirit inside.  Understand that you are god.  You have a god's capacity of aliveness and sensation and memory and foresight; a god's power to rule and govern and direct the body that is your servant, in the same way as God himself, who reigns over us, directs the entire universe.  And this rule excercised by eternal God is mirrored in the dominance of your frail body by your immortal soul.

Of course I am a physicalist (though a panexperientialist physicalist) and reject the immaterial soul, I found the language of this paragraph to be quite good, beautiful, and inspiring.  Are you not excited by the phrase "You have a god's capacity of aliveness"!


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