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Garden: July 19

This afternoon we stopped by the garden to see what we could harvest for this weekend's meals.  The yellow squash has exploded.  One, which was still small just a few days ago, was the size of an arm.  The zucchini are just not producing.  The yellow squash, though, look more like a zucchini.  I wonder if somehow the two plants have merged with each other?  


The red cabbage is sprouting small cabbage heads and there were three ripe Roma tomatoes.  Also, the okra seedlings are growing nicely.  And there is a baby eggplant!


For dinner tonight I fixed the red cabbage.  I used this recipe, though I added my own touch to it, sweetening it a bit more with some honey and more sugar.  My favourite German red cabbage is made at the Bavarian Grill in Plano, Texas and it basically is a dessert (BG is my favourite German restaurant).  Mine wasn't as sweet as that, and Michael was glad because he doesn't like it sweet.  I was very satisfied with the results.



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