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Like People in History: A Gay American Epic

Like People in HistoryLike People in History by Felice Picano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An epic story of gay life spanning the late twentieth century from a childhood in the 50's to the days of AIDS activism in the early 1990's. An early chapter left me wanting to be an adolescent in Southern California in the early 60's, though that would make one the right age for Vietnam and the full onslaught of AIDS. Along the way the novel touches on San Francisco opera queens, the glory days of disco on Fire Island, New York bathhouses, and hospital rooms with dying loved ones.
While some parts of the story made me want to be part of it, others clearly did not.

The novel focuses on Roger Sansarc and his cousin Alistair Dodge as their lives intersect through all those periods, events, and phases, as they acquire and lose lovers, friends, and jobs.

Picano tells a good story and writes well, though some paragraphs I thought were a little over-written (I did actually have to look up a few words). The final pages are beautifully, powerfully written and left me stunned.

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