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New Mexico Ruling

I'm reading the New Mexico ruling right now.  It is very succint and to the point, dealing with each point at issue in the case.  

I really liked this conclusion as they dismissed the opponents argument against same-gender marriage based upon the supposed state interest in "responsible procreation."

We fail to see how depriving committed same-gender couples, who want to marry and raise families, of federal and state marital benefits and protections will result in responsible child-rearing by heterosexual married couples.  In the final analysis, child-rearing for same-gender couples is made more difficult by denying them the status of being married and depriving them of the rights, protections, and responsibilities that come with civil marriage.

One of the great turning points of the last year or so is that finally the issue of raising and protecting children has swung for LGBT families.  Mainstream culture recognizes that protecting our families and our kids is the issue.


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