Sacred Space
All Wet . . . When We Didn't Intend to Be

Day of Restoration

Following our long and exhaustive day driving around the South Point and visiting Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, we had a much more laid back day.  Since we hadn't gotten home till after 1 a.m., we slept in the next morning.  And then, even once awake, we laid around in the lanai eating breakfast and reading (plus Michael did some work).  


Michael wanted to kayak that day, and we wasted about two hours trying to make connections before we were told that it was really too late in the date and that the waters were rough (it was a windy day).  As it worked out, it was better anyway, we just wish we hadn't wasted the time.  Also, I finally seemed over my agitation and anxiety of the first couple of days.


We went to lunch at Annie's Island Fresh Burgers because we kept seeing a crowded parking lot.  I had the  

The Steakhouse Burger
A juicy beef patty with fresh sautéed Hamakua mushrooms, gorgonzola and arugula. 
Topped with parsley caper relish. Served on a toasted ciabatta roll.  
Michael ate the 
The Māla Burger
A vegan patty of chickpeas, carrots, poblano peppers, herbs, garlic, and onion, pan-fried, 
topped with tzatziki sauce and lime coleslaw. Served on a whole wheat bun. 
For a totally vegan sandwich, try it with our parsley caper relish on a ciabatta bun.
I really enjoyed mine, but Michael's chickpea patty was so delicious, I wish I had ordered it.
We then spent the late afternoon lying on the beach and snorkeling again.
That evening we had tickets for the Royal Kona Resort luau.  Months ago Michael said he knew it was corny, but he wanted to go to a luau.  I said sure, despite my remembrances of one my family went to 22 years ago when the food was marginal and the entertainment cheesy.  But this luau far exceeded my expectations.  The setting was lovely, as we watched the sun set over the Pacific while the spray crashed behind the stage.  The food was really good, not just the tender roast pork, but also the beef, chicken, and fish dishes (I stuffed myself).  Then, the show was very entertaining, with a variety of Polynesian dances.  I'd seen the like before, but this time it was without all the cheesy jokes.  I admitted to Michael that it was a great time and was glad he had wanted to do it.


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