One of the Great "What Ifs"
On the Moon (or Mars?)

Will He Rupture His Ear Drum?

That was the big question last Friday afternoon and evening as we prepared for our final night in Hawaii.

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, we both got sick while on vacation.  By Friday morning I was feeling a little better, but Michael was worse.  He mustered enough energy for our breakfast plans with the McConnells.

  Hawaii Vacation II 121

We went to The Coffee Shack, beautifully overlooking Kealakekua Bay (where we snorkeled on Thursday).  Months before the McConnells mentioned that we should go there for breakfast, and various other friends who have visited the island also recommended it.  Kathy and I had the Papaya Special, and Michael and Gary had a daily special, ahi tuna eggs benedict.  Not only is the food great and the view magnificent, there are geckos to entertain you as well.

Hawaii Vacation II 124

Hawaii Vacation II 127

From there we visited the nearby Painted Church.  A pretty little building with a nice garden, the inside is uniquely painted.  There are six images painted on the wall; they aren't the six Bible stories I would care to emphasize.  In fact, they are rather macabre, including one of "A Good Death" which is supposed to contrast with the image of "Hell" next to it.  I found the painting of Cain and Abel most interesting, with Eve crouching to hold her dying son.  Wouldn't you want to see these images every week while worshipping?

Hawaii Vacation II 130

Gary had hoped to drive us around and show us more things, but Michael was just not feeling well at all, so Gary showed us where we were to catch our ride that afternoon for the tour van taking us to the summit of Mauna Kea, and then he headed home.  This was one of the things that Michael most wanted to do--go to the top of Mauna Kea to see the observatories and stargaze.  Tours to the top are rather pricey, and we had booked and paid ahead of time.

After Gary showed us the spot for catching the van, I took Michael to the Urgent Care.  The physician told us that this virus was going around all over the U. S. and that they were seeing 30 cases a day.  He said it would last about a week and there was really nothing to do but take some over the counter medicine, rest, and drink lots of fluids.  He asked when we were flying home.

"Tomorrow night."

"Then Michael especially needs to get better because with the fluid behind his ears he could have trouble on the flight, as they pressurize the plane to 8,000 feet."

Hmm, I thought, the summit Mauna Kea is 13,000.  I said, "Tonight we are going on a tour to the summit of Mauna Kea."

The physician, "No you aren't."  He explained to Michael that the changes in air pressure due to the elevation could rupture his ear drum.

After the Urgent Care, we returned to Wal-Mart for more medicine and then drove back to our room to rest.  Along the way Kathy called to see if we'd still be able to go that night.  I told her that the physician said that we should not.  Michael said as emphatically as he could in his weakened state, "We are going up the mountain."

So, we did.  I was worried the entire way up and down.  And there were moments of pain for Michael, but he endured.


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