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An interesting essay on gay marriage

Jay Michaelson writes for The Daily Beast on what to expect out of marrige equality.  Will conservative fears be realized?  Or are radical progressives right that marriage means domestication and assimilation and the end of liberation?  Or something else in between?

An excerpt:

If not, the future of marriage, in fact, may turn out to be a lot like the Christian Right’s nightmare: a sex-positive, body-affirming compact between two adults that allows for a wide range of intimate and emotional experience. Maybe no one will be the “husband” (as in, animal husbandry) and no one the chattel.  Maybe instead of jealousy, non-monogamous couples will cultivate “compersion” to take pleasure in their partners’ sexual delight. And most dangerously, maybe marriage will be only one of many forms of such a compact; maybe people will choose their own intimate futures without coercion from the state. The horror!


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