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William Trevor

At Yale, Richard Selzer recommended that we should all be reading the Bible and William Trevor.  A William Trevor book has been languishing on my shelf for a few years.  Mom gave it to me, after she read it in a book club.  Once or twice a year I get a big sack from her, and everything I don't want, I'm supposed to pass along to the Thrift Shop.  She had recommended this one however.  Though I never got around to reading it.  Honestly, I didn't know Trevor, but one time when I was culling my library and considering removing this book, I decided not to after looking him up.  So, every now and then I'd think, I should probably read that book sometime, but everytime I picked up a new book to read, I'd pick up something else.

Saturday I decided to follow Dr. Selzer advice.  I read the first short story in the collection entitled "Sitting with the Dead."  Trevor's writing is startling spare.

The light in the room was dim; he'd been particular about low-wattage electric bulbs.  But the dimness made the room cosy and it seemed wrong that anywhere should be so while he lay only a few hours dead.  She wondered what she'd do when another bulb went, either here or somewhere else, if she would replace it with a stronger one or if low-wattage light was part of her now.  She wondered if her nervousness was part of her too.  It didn't seem that it had always been, but she knew she could be wrong about that.


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