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Brooks: "I Am Not Charlie Hebdo"

"You're not listening anyway"

Second in a series of listening through our entire cd collection alphabetically.

Over the years, sometimes unannounced, a package would appear in my mailbox filled with burned cds of music.  These came from Charlie Bates (Chazz, we used to call him), one of my more musically inclined friends, wanting to make sure that I kept up on the latest, coolest sounds.  There are a handful of these cds in my collection, some of which I grew to enjoy more than others.  Some I completely forget about and then listening to them during a project like this, I wonder "Why did I forget about this album?"


Which brings me to the next cd in the line-up, Acoustic Junction's "Strange Days."  What a great album!  Yet I had completely forgotten it was in my collection.  That's easy for burned cds, because they are in those tiny little jewel cases without the vertical labels that one scans when looking at the rows of cds and trying to pick what to listen to next.  But, now that its ripped to my work computer, I'll be hearing it more often for sure.

This is the type of music I resonate with.  A sound between folk and alternative rock.  Smart lyrics with thought provoking metaphors, expressing emotional themes that resonate with me.

Like these lyrics from the chorus of the song "Melt" 

But last night
I had a dream
I saved your life
I proved my love
I took the bullet
I killed a shark
I kicked some ass
I won your heart
I won your heart

Other notable tracks include "Strange Days," "Yesterday's Come and Gone," and "Dancin' for You."

I do miss the days of the burned cd (or the mixed tape).  It was a great way to share music and learn new things.  Some of my favourite bands and musicians came to me that way.  It's how I first heard Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley, for instance.  I guess people now share Spotify links on social media, but I haven't personally gotten into that.

Plus, it doesn't seem quite as poignant as going to your mailbox and retrieving a package of cds from a friend in California. 



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