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Our Son, Part Two: Is there a reason you're looking at cribs?

Our Son, Part One: You Can Touch Him

"You can touch him," the nurse said, looking over at Michael and I who had been standing a little to the side (and crying) as our son was delivered and then laid on his mother's belly to be cleaned up.  As she was holding him with her left arm, I walked over and reached out, brushing his left hand, which then reached up and grabbed my finger, and I cried some more.

April 29, 2015--the day our son Sebastian was born.  Today, May 18, 2015 we received the documents and the adoption is now final.  


Back in October, Jason Huffman called.  "Today I ran into a young woman I used to work with.  She told me that her younger sister was pregnant and was considering adoption.  I told her, 'My best friend and his husband are trying to adopt, would she want to see their information?'  And she does.  What can you send me?"

We sent the photo book we had completed that summer, working with a private adoption agency.  This was the most promising lead so far, though we had learned that there are often a number of possibilities before the right one works out.  We had also been told, from our very first adoption workshop in 2010, that someone you know will know someone and that's how it will happen, so be sure that everyone you know knows that you are trying to adopt.

Jason showed her our photo book, told her about us, and answered her questions.  She liked what she saw, but decided she wanted to explore more possibilities.  Then a few months later we heard that she wasn't sure about adoption, but if she did decide for it, we were choice.  By winter I wasn't thinking actively of this possibility anymore.  Instead, we would occasionally hear from our private adoption agency about some mom that they were showing our materials too, and we were taking foster parent classes to renew our license.

Then, one Thursday at the end of February I was at a clergy breakfast when Rabbi Brown asked, "How is the adoption process going?"  I unloaded all of my frustration and disappointment and anger even that we had been trying everything we could for years and still nothing seemed to be happening.

Two hours after breakfast, my cell phone rang.  I was sitting at my desk in my church office, and when I looked down at the phone, it was Jason calling.  Jason would only call during the work day for one reason.  I answered with restrained excitement.

After very brief small talk he said, "She's decided to put her child up for adoption.  She's picked you guys.  And she wants to meet as soon as you can."  I think I made it through the phone call without crying, but just barely.

Then I called Michael, and he definitely cried as I told him.  And we made plans--that Saturday we would drive the almost five hours to meet the woman who would make this miracle happen.


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