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In my reading today of Bulgakov I encountered the word "meonal."  All efforts to look up a definition have been fruitless.  Anyone know what the word means?

'Tis not the only thing in his book I failed to comprehend.  This is dense. But a couple of parts which stood out to me:

The souls of people who have died and the souls of those who have not yet been born, of those who have not yet existed for the world, as as all the ages of ages of cosmic events, together with the deification of the world through the Incarnation and Pentecost, the parousia and the transfiguration of the world, in which God will be all in all--all this is present in exhaustive fullness as a single act in God's eternity, as if participating in God's repose, in the sabbath of absolute being.


The roots of a person's being are submerged in the bottomless ocean of divine life and get their nourishment from this life.


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It is an idiosyncrasy of the Translator. It should be “meontic” — this is the term used by e.g. Schelling and Tillich

Scott Jones


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