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Doveglion: Collected Poems

Doveglion: Collected PoemsDoveglion: Collected Poems by Jose Garcia Villa
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At this best, this Filipino-American modernist poet is the successor of John Donne and Gerard Manley Hopkins in the way their poems express a complex spirituality. Doveglion (Villa's pen name) does not settle, but wrestles with God, as in this poem:

God fears the poems of
Such as I!
Who am neither blind
Nor sly:

For that though I praise Him
I accuse!
His inhuman Godhood
I refuse.

For that though I seek Him
I repel Him!
Repulsion so great
As to unnerve Him.

Dissolution of God
Is my end:
That His Nullity
I may forfend.

Dissolution of the
Spermless God:
To the Aristocracy
Of the Living Blood.

His poems also experiment with punctuation and spacing. Such as this one:



Note: he writes about plenty of things other than God, those are just the poems I was most drawn to.

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