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The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity

Stonewall at Fifty

I've enjoyed reading the Stonewall series at The Guardian and The Atlantic.  Two of my favourites at the latter were this one on the intellectual side of the movement and this one on the internal changes in queer people that was the most significant result.

Another interesting article was this one, arguing that the movement has succeeded.  The author is more conservative than I am, but there was much that I did agree with in the article.  Here are some excerpts:

A culture that once preached individuality and personal freedom has become conformist and hectoring, its self-appointed queer commissars constantly policing the language and bringing pressure to bear on those who run afoul of their ever-evolving standards.


For many of those whose political identities have been shaped by crusades against government discrimination and pervasive societal ignorance, victimhood is too essential an identity to be so easily discarded.

I think the article also bears on the debate over Resolution 8 at this year's United Church of Christ General Synod, of which I will have more to say in a later post.



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