At Home: Dadda's Preschool
A couple of philosophical responses

At Home: The Rough Patches

Yesterday, Wednesday, afternoon I hit a wall.  I thought I was doing well, until suddenly I realized I wasn't.  I lost my temper and all my anxiety and tiredness came out.  The precipitating cause was coming back from a walk to discover not only that the dog had gotten muddy, but that one of his turds had gotten trapped in his hair and had coated most of his backside and trying to get it out hurt him and the entire time Sebastian was trying to help and . . . . well, you get the idea. 

So, Dadda needed a little personal time and home preschool was momentarily suspended.

What frustrations have you experienced?

Today at church we finished our worship planning and set up for our livestream for Sunday.  We've started daily video devotionals/prayers/readings.  We have other plans in the works for coming days and weeks.  And I keep up calling some folks every day to see how they are doing and just to talk.

Today, after the worship planning, I was able to run to the grocery store.  Fortunately, ours was well-stocked and the only things on my list I couldn't find were chicken nuggets and garlic.  The store was interesting and fun, as everyone was very polite and giving each other space.  No one seemed to be in a hurry.  I ran into one church member.

But groceries ended up a chore.  It's raining, so hauling all of them up to my front porch in the rain wasn't much fun.  And maybe I've overreacting, but I then set them all in my vestibule and wiped down each and every item before bringing it into the house.  And as I brought loads into the house, I had to rearrange the deep freeze, the fridge, the pantry, to get things to fit.  From beginning to end, the grocery errand took more than three hours of my time.  

Which means that Dadda's preschool schedule for today went out the window.  Sebastian enjoyed watching Animal Mechanicals, however.  And even if his lunch was late in coming, he liked the cheese pizza, apples, and Oreos.

This afternoon I'm tired and sore.  I'd like a massage and a nap.

The one other frustration is information and communication overload.  Anyone else experiencing that?  It's so beautiful how people are reaching out and connecting, but I'm now finding it difficult to keep up with all the texts, messages, posts, calls, etc.  People are also being so kind in sharing ideas resource lists, the latest information.  I can't keep track of how many webinars for churches or Facebook groups for parents at home I've been invited to.  When I sit down to Facebook I have dozens of notifications and can barely keep up.  Wondering if I need to hire a personal assistant just to manage information and communication for me.  

When, exactly, do I get to slow down and read a book or binge a TV show?

And I still need to finish my taxes.  Sigh.


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