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Philosophy in the Islamic World

A History of Philosophy without any Gaps, Volume 3: Philosophy in the Islamic WorldA History of Philosophy without any Gaps, Volume 3: Philosophy in the Islamic World by Peter Adamson
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What a thorough book. Not only is there good, serious treatment of all the major figures, there were so many thinkers he covered which I had never heard of before. And some of whom I now want to read in the primary sources.

The book is in three sections, all of which could have been their own books. The first is philosophy in the Islamic world in the formative period from al-Kindi up through Ibn Sina and Al-Ghazali. The second section covers the unique context of philosophy in Andalusia with significant treatment of Jewish thinkers from Moorish Spain. Of course this tradition blended into the late Medieval Latin Christian philosophical traditions, but didn't have as much influence on the Islamic philosophies in the East. The final section covers mostly eastern Islam after Ibn Sina up to the 21st century, defending the claim that there was still vibrant philosophy underway which has been largely ignored by the European tradition.

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