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I've always wanted to do more outdoors activities than I've done.  More camping, hiking, kayaking, etc.  Not having people to do it with and other life commitments, priorities, and turns-of-event have gotten in the way.  

So this two week trip with my seven-year-old son to Yellowstone and Grand Teton was a big undertaking.  I had never planned such a big and involved trip for the two of us alone with no other adult help or presence.  And I wanted to camp for a good portion of it (six nights), which involved preparations and supplies.  And we were going to a place where there is some risk and danger, which heightened the adventure (and my mother's anxiety).  

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And I did it.  I pulled it off successfully and without major incident and it was full of fun for both me and Sebastian and included some of our best father-son time ever.

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And as I watched other folks--families on their trips, seniors actively biking and hiking, young people rock climbing and backpacking, etc., I realized I simply need to do more of what I've always wanted to do.  

So, I came to a third spiritual resolution this sabbatical (I've written previously about the other two):  I'm going to engage in more outdoor activities. 

May be an image of 2 people, tree and nature

I'm going to find the people that will do stuff with me.  I'm going to do more of it on my own and with my son.  I'm going to buy that kayak or paddle board I've been thinking about forever.  I'm just going to do it.

May be an image of 1 person, mountain, nature and tree


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