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Holiday Weekend

How was your long holiday weekend?  Mine was an interesting mix of activities.  Friday Sebastian and I enjoyed the inauguration of the renewed downtown park here in Omaha, including attending the Kristen Chenoweth concert.

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Saturday I decided not to be busy with household projects and instead to enjoy the day.  Robyn and I went to the Farmer's Market and then lunch and then walked around the park to see more of it in daylight and then sat for a beer at Thunderhead Brewing.  We also went over details of our August trip to the Boundary Waters.  We hadn't spent hours leisurely together like that in a very long time.

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Saturday evening I went to the Harmons for dinner, sitting outside on their terrace enjoying the view and the perfect weather.

Sunday was a work day.  I spent almost the entire day on my touch-up painting project.  That included scraping, caulking, and cleaning first.  I walked around the house and got the base trim of the wood and parts that I could easily reach, concentrating more work above the backyard patio.  So, there's plenty of upper parts of the house that need serious attention that I personally cannot give it and can't currently afford to have repainted, but at least the eye level parts look better now.  

In my downtime this weekend I watched TV and movies.  The finale of Stranger Things was exciting.  I finally watched the gay romances Hearstopper and Fire Island.  And the thrillers Invisible Man and Get Out (which I had somehow never seen the last five years, go figure).  

Monday was miserably hot and humid, but in the morning I made a cole slaw and walked over to Field Club for the annual parade and then lunch party at the Fortinas.  I came home and napped the afternoon away.  I had planned to go to the evening symphony concert and fireworks, but the heat zapped me in the morning and I had no interest to go back out into it.

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Tuesday morning I woke up early and spent a few hours scraping the side of the garage that parallels the entryway to the backyard.  When I finally couldn't take the heat and humidity anymore I went inside.  I ran one errand and then spent the afternoon doing some business and watching TV.  I did catch up on bear safety for Yellowstone, which is only a week away.

In the early evening I went back out to scrape some more and my nextdoor neighbors invited me to join them in their pool for margaritas, which I did just in time for the rainstorm to come through.  But after it passed we continued to enjoy the pool.

So, overall a great balance of activities over my weekend.  Today I'm back to reading and writing on the front porch as the rain gently falls outside and the temps are a pleasurable sixties.


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