Arrange for Change

This Week?

So, this week I've been catching up this sabbatical blogging by writing about our trip of the last two weeks, but what I have been doing this week (other than writing those blogs)?

Well, mostly unpacking from one trip, doing the laundry, etc. while also planning for the next round of trips.  I leave Friday for my high school reunion in Oklahoma and Monday for my camping and hiking trip to Glacier National Park.

So, as I went through stuff after retuning from Yellowstone, a lot of it just was set aside because I'll need it again next week.  Today I packed my clothes luggage for Glacier and tomorrow afternoon I'll get together with my traveling companions to go over our gear checklist and who is bringing what.

I've also been kid free this week, so have enjoyed some downtime.  I've napped, read, hung out with a few friends, and went to see a movie (which is a glorious experience for a parent).

But no big projects or activities to report.


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